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 As many of you have already heard, Dad passed away in March 2012.  The legend is gone.  LAPC awarded him with the Dennis Soares Memorial cup given away to all champions at the 2012 Pageant of Pigeons.  What an honor to Dad, there have only been a hand full of others to recieve this honor.  

Last year his loft of champions was brought to me to carry on his winning traditions.  It was hard getting back into the swing of things without his input.  But after weeks of just doing the basic caring for the birds I thought what would Dad do.  So  I got out there and went to work pairing up the best I could. There was a lot of moving birds around until I found the right ones that I think he would have approved on. I raised about 75 young in a short time.  Show season came up quick and I'll tell you it was hard not having him there.  Lots of tears and smiles but I knew he was watching.  The National show in Washington was something.  I came out with 6 color class winners : white, kite, splash, brown, almond and mealy.  The white old cock a brother to Governor Arnold went reserve champion and Best Opposite Sex. The splash which is a son of the reserve white and the black hen 934 making him double Governor blood went 2nd reserve.  It was a great show.  Next came the Super Bowl of Jacobins and wow what a show.  7 color class winners in white, almond, kite, black, brown, blue, and andalusian. Champion went to the Almond, yes almond,.  I also came away with second reserve with the same bird that won that award at the Nationals, BOS with an almond and Best Young with a beautiful little kite.   What started out being a slow breeding season turnded into a great show season. I hope I made Dad proud and I'll continue doing his work and keepind DS Jacobins going strong.

2014 started out strong with all major wins at The Super Bowl of Jacobins.  We 150 Jacobins at this years Super Bowl.  My husband Dale and President of the Western Jacobin Club made all the awards for the show.  My son Zachery and I hand painted all the wooden Jacobins to look like the color they represented. Great job Zach and Dale.  We brought home several color class winners and ended the show with a bang.  I had champion with a young black hen who was also BOS and best young.  Reserve champion went to  a yearling black cock raised and shown by me and 2nd reserve went to another yearling black cock of mine.  I don't believe a show has ever been won with the same color for all top awards.  What a night.  Thanks to Tally Mezzanato for judging our Super Bowl. 

                         JACOBINS FOR SALE

                                              Show and breeding stock available.                                    

                          Birds are in heavy molt, pictures as soon as they are available.



              2012 Kite Hen

Black bred hen small bodied.  Good starter hen.  Should produce well.    $100    SOLD


               2010 Cock #1006

Bred by Dad.  He had some of the best Mealys around.  This is a nice cock, but I don't do mealys.  $125        SOLD



I have several red cockbirds available.  Some are out of Dads loft, including the Super Bowl best red from 2014.  Pictures coming as soon as the molt is over.


        2011 Black splash hen 

Top black Slash hen at the 2012 Super Bowl.  Has produced several nice young.  I'm cutting way back on splashes.  I've raised several from her this year and ready to pass her on.     $175   SOLD



              2012 Kite Spalsh cock #1051

Sired by last years Super Bowl of Jacobins champion #800 and out of the best splash hen at the Super Bowl.  This is a nice young cock to start your splash program.   $175      SOLD



                      2010 Kite Splash

Out of Dads loft, no information on his breeding.  Nice splash to get started with.  $150    SOLD






                                                        2011 White cock

Bred and banded by dad.  One of the last he raised.  There are no records on this cockbird due to Dad's tumor he was unable to write.  But it is bred from his stock and Dad was the king of whites.  If your looking for a Dennis Soares white here could be your last chance.     No Picture





I am now the California distributor for Nutri-Drops for Pigeons.  I use the product and love the way my birds look and act.  I have birds that are 7 years old and still fertilling after starting them on Nutri-drops.  The feather quality has also improved along with color of feet and beak.  They are healthy and feel great.   They run $18.50 for an 8 ounce bottle.  One bottle goes a long way.  Shipping is $6.00 for priority mail.

FANTAILS from Soares Family Lofts

 Matt has several breeding and show stock fantails available.  Contact him at 559-303-4278, also visit his website at

Shipping and Payment Options

 For the safety and welfare of the birds I only ship out on Tuesday.  Flights will be arranged Monday and go out Tuesday by 9am.  Shipping fees with box are as follows:

                 1-2 birds $65             3-4 birds $85          More than 4 call for prices.


Payments can be made through Western Union, Money Order or Check.  Birds will be mailed out as soon as all fees have cleared.  You will be notified of the expected shipping date to check weather conditions and be sure there will be somone available to recieve them.


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